Your Time
     Has Arrived . . .
Time (tim) n. - 1) the passing hours, days, years, etc.; 2) a system of measuring the passing hours;
3) the period that an employee works, 4) YOUR MOST VALUABLE COMMODITY.

At International Jets, our focus is simple - give our clients back their time. Through our strategic knowledge of the
corporate aviation industry, access and dissemination of critical market data, ability to quickly provide unparalleled
professional guidance and the integrity of our people we are able to make a professional relationship with
International Jets a time creating event.

Take your time reviewing our menu of executive aircraft services and then contact us today for a profesional
and confidential review of your aviation needs and let International Jets put TIME back on your side!
The purchase of an executive aircraft can be one of the biggest decisions you or your company makes. Entrust it to a team of professionals you know you can rely upon to bring you the greatest value in any given market.
Often, aircraft brokers will inventory aircraft and they become concerned with selling their own aircraft - International Jets focuses strictly on brokerage, making our client’s brokered aircraft our number one priority.
Your plane . . . your asset . . . your personal time machine. It does no good if it isn’t properly and professionally managed.

International Jets brings together a team of professionals dedicated to just one thing, making your airplane perform in a timely, safe and efficient fashion.