To acquire knowledge is to acquire power. To employ the knowledge of International Jets team of specialists dedicated to your executive aircraft acquisition is to acquire value. Powerful negotiating, market savvy, technical prowess; all valueadded skills we bring to the table on your behalf.

The purchase of an executive aircraft can be one of the biggest decisions you or your company makes. Entrust it to a team of professionals you know you can rely upon to bring you the greatest value in any given market - entrust it to International Jets.

International Jets offers the unique combination of marketing expertise, aircraft knowledge and integrity. Our extensive network of professional contacts throughout the executive aviation industry allows us to position your aircraft in the most aggressive fashion possible.

Contract negotiations, pre-purchase inspections and the closing process can become challenging times during the brokerage process. This is where International Jets excels. Tax-deferred (1031 Exchanges) transactions as well as other tax strategies can also be employed as necessary on a client by client basis and International Jets knowledge of the regulations affecting such strategies is a plus for every one of our clients.